Inventura are specialists in procurement and value chain optimisation. We provide strategic, operational and organisational consultancy services to clients in all industries, both in the private and public sectors.

Inventura has 75 consultants in a highly competent, multi-disciplinary environment. We are economists, legal professionals, engineers, social scientists, natural scientists and IT specialists.

We are operative strategists; we are able to develop key ideas and plans and to turn them into specific initiatives – and to implement them.

Inventura AS is 100% owned by Inventura Group AS. Inventura Group AS is chiefly owned by current and former employees of Inventura.

Inventura was founded on 13 October 2011, as a result of a merger of the companies Firstventura and Input. Firstventura and Input were at the forefront of procurement consultation in Norway in 2011 – Firstventura in the public sector and Input in the private sector. The merger established a joint competence milieu with offices in Oslo and Bergen. Most of the founders of Firstventura and Input remain active in Inventura. In fact, their experience goes back a lot further than 2011. Firstventura’s “predecessor”, Resource-Partner, was founded early in the 2000s. As far back as the 1990s, several of the company’s founders were pioneers in the field of procurement in Norway, at that time in a company called Interpro.

The company has grown quickly since start-up and has ambitions of continued growth, both geographically and in terms of turnover. Through organic growth, acquisitions or strategic alliances, we will offer our clients comprehensive and complete assistance in reinforcing their commercial relations and an improved bottom line.

However – regardless of how large we become – we will never forget where we come from, or who we are. We are an independent consultancy and our client’s shall feel that we take our values seriously:

We are generous, innovative and effective in everything we do!