Inventura Legal are the experts on legal issues that occur within the value chain. We are specialists in contracts and regulations relating to public procurement. We serve clients in the areas of competition law, state aid and acquisitions.

Our law firm assists both private and public clients with legal advice and dispute resolution. We handle KOFA-complaints and legal processes and support our clients in contact with the authorities.

Cooperation with Magnus Legal

Inventura cooperates with the Norwegian law firm Magnus Legal. Magnus Legal is specializing on business law, and in particular on the issues relevant for non-Norwegian enterprises that are awarded contracts in Norway. We are pleased to refer you to Magnus Legal on issues outside the core area of Inventura.

In particular this is relevant for:

  • Incorporating and registration of a Norwegian entity
  • Tax and VAT planning, registering and reporting
  • Labour law including employment conditions and contracts adapted to Norwegian legislation
  • Tax and social security consequences for foreign employees seconded to work in Norway

It is important to note that your Norwegian contract partner will expect that the contractors at any time are compliant with all Norwegian rules regarding taxation, VAT, employment law etc., and that being non-compliant may imply a breach justifying cancelling of the agreement. By referring you to Magnus Legal we aim at securing that you will do the right things from the start, and avoid costly mistakes, sanctions and penalty charges.

Your contact person in Inventura will be happy to refer you to the appropriate lawyer of Magnus Legal. Magnus Legal will not charge for the preliminary meeting.

Read more about Magnus Legal’s services here: Doing business in Norway