We are the operational strategists, and operational services are at the heart of Inventura. We solve challenges, together with the customer and our generous and dynamic employees. We see what needs to happen and add a little bit more.  

We know that lower costs, better margins and more efficient processes are the results when we work with purchasing programs, operational procurement assistance and process improvements within an organization. We know that more calls for tenders are the outcome when you have submitted quality-checked offers, honed the sales pitch and found the ideal business partner and subcontractor.

Examples of operational services include the development of purchasing and supplier strategies, performing analyses, purchasing and process improvement programs, category management, operational procurement assistance, implementation of competence building programs and change management through implementation and follow-up.

Inventura has in-depth expertise and experience in the sectors we work in. We understand the critical factors in your industry and give you strategic and tactical competitive advantages by streamlining operations, minimizing costs, and ensuring continuous improvement.