Cost effective processes must be in place in order to optimize profitability and sustainable improvements. Establishment of commercial responsibilities in a project and building competence for development of efficient value chain processes will give competitive advantage for the future. Total process mind set should be part of daily workflows across the organization.

We improve supply chains using Lean principles. We work together with our clients to identify sustainable improvement opportunities in each step of the Supply Chain. We use GAP Analysis to map current challenges, directly connected to overall business processes and workflows, recommend concrete action plans to translate actions into value for our clients.

We can provide:

  • Optimized marine- and supply vessel strategies
  • Optimized logistics process related to base handling and storage routines
  • Optimized R2P processes in wells life cycle
  • Inventory clean-up of Capex and Opex
  • Optimization of Capex inventory process for drilling and wells projects
  • Hands- on improvements in work processes and procedures