Inventura regularly assists national and international builders and contractors in procurement processes for large infrastructure projects in Norway.

We are more than 80 specialists in procurement and know the regulations for public procurement.  With this knowledge, we assist national and international enterprises with the preparation of offers for Norwegian infrastructure projects.

With Inventura on your team, you get the best out of your team, get the team’s qualities documented, evaluated, and valued so that your chances of winning in the bid process increase. When you increase the hit rate and win more of the competitions you participate in, you reduce your overhead costs and increase profitability. It is not enough to be a skilled entrepreneur, you also need to get those who evaluate you to have the same opinion.

Bringing Inventura into the bid team should give your company the following benefits:

1. Targeted presentation of the evaluation criteria such as Traffic Management, HSE, Quality and Organisation
2. Achieves higher deductions from quotation price during the evaluation phase
3. Document management and coordination, control and submission via electronic platforms
4. Local knowledge of the market for subcontractors and competitors

We are confident that the competitive advantages we can bring into your team will increase the likelihood of a successful and profitable project delivered on time, within your budget and at the right quality for your customer.

Contact Hans Kristian Skjold by email or phone +47 915 74 836